Thursday, 16 September 2010

Weekly Flash : Shift in perception

When people do games based reviews very few actually spare time for the underdog in the gaming world, when 7/10 people have access to the Internet there really is no excuse for ignoring flash games. Today sees the first of my weekly flash reviews as i resurrect what i believe to be the greatest puzzle platformed ever made.

Developed by Armor Games and left behind in the rush of mobile gaming , Shift is a classic that everyone should play at least once. You play a test subject forced to run a typical series of platforming based puzzle where the aim is to , wait for this... get to the door. However cheesy this goal is it is messed around by the ability to Shift. When you press Shift the whole world inverts. if you were standing on top of a white ledge you will now be standing on a black one and visa versa. This allows you to avoid spectacular traps and impassable objects with ease.

Once you have got round this the lovely people at AG mess with your head even more by adding gravity shifts, the effects of these things are pretty obvious but allow for absolutely mental puzzles like the one to your right. I really cannot stress how excellent and addictive this game is for anyone that loves a mental challenge.

Whatever you play on the interwebamajig just make sure you play this game, and the 2nd and 3rd. And if you have already played this wonder of a game, you know you want to play it again!.

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