Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jakes PS3 Corner : Little Big Planet

Jakes PS3 Corner : Little Big Planet.

When I got the Ps3 this game was the reason why and I will tell you why. This game is a platformer like no other.  At the start Stephen Fry will explain to you how you can create levels or play other levels, and then he will go on and tell you about the main story and where to start. The story is more of a bonus to collect items, materials and things to create your ideal sack boy. When you start the story you learn the basics of jumping, grabbing and puzzles and it is fairly easy at the start but as you get into the game the puzzles and platform elements get very challenging,this makes the game brilliant because you feel a sense of accomplishment once you have collected a lot of points and items for creating levels, the more you keep going back the more items you have,which in turn helps you get other items you couldn't get last time.

Level Creation.
When you create a level Stephen Fry will give you a very big detailed tutorial that’s easy to follow, he will tell you how to work the tools and lay down things like materials to draw any shape you like and create it into anything you want and I mean anything.The Scale of creation in this game never ceases to amaze me.

User Created Levels.

Some people can be very talented and creative at this game and come out with levels better than the developer’s levels that are quite hard to beat, but people still manage. The problem that many people hate and even quit Little big planet over is the amount of people who beg for hearts (heart people if you love the level). If you get a lot of hearts you earn a platinum trophy which are very hard to get, but people just spam heart for a heart so much it really ruins some levels. Another problem is people creating bomb survival and jump survival maps. One person came up with a map where bombs drop from the sky and you have to avoid them as long as possible and another person came up with jump survival, where you jump from really hard obstacles that get harder and harder, now at first they were fun until now… every page you get to is just spammed with different bomb survivals and jump survivals it’s just got to the point where you have to really search if you want a good map.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are brilliant and is easily one of the  best looking games on Ps3 even though this game is a side scroller. The graphics are so real looking it’s great and every material they have done is unique looking as they have taken the time to avoid over-cloning textures. Every level is very different which is great and also sack boy looks better than ever. The audio in this game is excellent and you have a wide range of funny music to get you through the levels,providing some laughs, you can also modify the music to suit the levels you create. The environmental sounds are good and atmospheric because they sound as if you are in that theme you have chosen.

Overall I give this game an 8/10.

fun story, great laugh, lots of creativity, Stephen Fry’s comedy, some of the community levels are great and worth the money

 Sometime the game glitches and you loose half your data and have to start the game and earn the unlockable again. Community wise there people begging for hearts and likes and people over producing the same levels.

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