Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Stuff : again.

Today saw the introduction of a few new features to the blog. The most obvious of which is the new Title banner and Colour Scheme which i hope is to most peoples liking. The second is the introduction of a new guest writer who eventually may become a permanent member of the team here at FusionGamer so i would like everyone to give a welcome to Starfish and her film reviews section. The last few bits are smaller but still vitally important. An improved RSS feed has been created but is still being perfected, The ability to Subscribe to FusionGamer via email and have all your daily Features sent straight to your inbox has been created. The FusionGamer twitter has been fully setup aswell and now runs from @FusionGamerBlog but you can find it faster in the box to your right. Hope everyone enjoys these improvements as the sites readers grow and if you have any questions feel free to pop me a message on twitter.


Starfish said...

(Ellise here....i should really make a profile or something so i don't have to keep saying who i am...meh) I like the new logo/banner thing. It has a nice texture to it, and it reminds me of Portal which is always a good thing....although not too sure about the background, but thats just personal taste :)

LRAYNE said...

Well the background is a temporary step until ive come up with an alternative that matches in with the logo/banner. part of me still thinks theres too much blank space in the banner but there we are. and yes you should make a profile but i guessed it was you by the fact that you signed it as starfish :)

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