Wednesday, 15 September 2010

NEWS: "Jackpot!"

I know i only posted this morning but sometimes you hear news so exciting you just want to break into a badly performed rendition of journey. This my friends is one of those moments. As you probably guessed from the title this involves the latest release of my favorite Hack'n'slash game in the history of all Hack'n'Slash games, The game in question is of course Devil May Cry (major grins from all fans).

Since its creation in 2001 Devil May Cry has been through several changes in style and direction including resident evil style Missions and cheesy story telling, yes im looking at you DMC2, the time-shift back to younger more cocksteady Dante in DMC3, and the sudden appearance of Nero who may or may not be related to Dante despite sharing the epic white hair and swordsmanship skills. Did i mention he had a glowing blue demon arm ? My point if i can remember it is that despite all these changes DMC always maintained the same formula. Take a guy with snow white hair, give him demonic power and a huge sword to play with then throw him in the room with giant spiders and armored lizards. Simple but Effective.

Anyway getting back on track the new Devil May Cry game simply title DmC (make note of the small m) sees the return of Dante which in itself is brilliant, and also shows the return of overdramatic posing, epic swooshing, and mental gunplay. Again another brilliant thing. BUT, and this is a big one, there has been some changes to the game.
Change 1 : Remember the epic White hair Dante had? Of course you do, well thats gone now, replaced by a stylish black "scene" hairstyle.
Change 2 : Dante , like his swordplay is stylish, but as you can see next to this he is wearing an outift that is remarkably similar to the Diesel inspired bonus outfits of DMC2.
Change 3 : The producer. Even though this game is still being marketed and overseen by the masters at Capcom the game has been handed over to a new and unproved producer. Ninja Theory released the game "Heavenly Sword" which never really impressed anyone and hopefully holds no relevance to what they plan with DmC.

Despite all these changes at the heart it is still a DMC game and any fan of the series would be excited.
Am i?

original post from capcom here including video

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Anonymous said...

Hell no. Dante gone emo super-model does NOT please me. (Ellise here, btw)

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