Thursday, 30 September 2010

Jakes PS3 Corner : Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

The first dead rising saw photojournalist Frank west travelling to Willamette Mall where a big story is happening and as he is travelling there he sees that this is no normal war story, this is in fact a zombie infestation that has been quarantined and kept secret by the US army. As Frank enters the mall by helicopter he see’s a few people, and one women is very upset about her dog being outside with the zombies so what does she do?? Opens the door for her little poodle so this is what starts the Willamette mall incident or is their a terrorist behind all this?

Dead Rising 2 is 5 years after the Willamette mall incident and now zombies are a common thing in the world,there is now a drug called zombrex which can prevent zombification in those infected, if you take it every 24hours but it must be the same hour each time otherwise over dose can be fatal. The main guys name in this is Chuck Greene , he is man who is trying to stop his daughter Katy from being infected, so you need to find her zombrex every 24hours. Chucks wife died in a Vegas outbreak and ever since he’s been travelling the country with his daughter finding Zombrex. Eventually he arrives at a place named Fortune City and he get’s himself framed for causing a massive zombie outbreak after playing a show called Terror is Reality 17, where you get as many points messing with zombies and killing them in different ways to rack up the most points but the only reason he did this was for money for Zombrex.

Game play

The game play is brilliant it’s a much needed improvement over the first Dead rising here is a list of the improvements

  • Survivor AI is now smart they don’t run into zombies
  • The physics of the game has improved greatly
  • The story is longer and so much more emotional
  • SO much more zombies on screen and different types of enemies to
  • Amazing range of physco’s
  • The map is huge in this one
  • Combo weapons (combining 2 weapons to make some really awesome ones)

Chuck can go to shops and casinos and will often find himself travelling from point A to point B a lot so you will get to see a lot of the place and interact with it a lot more than Dead Rising 1. You will notice some improvements due to a wider range of shops the hoards of items have increased, and casinos have amazing themes to them it really is brilliant (I don’t recommend playing slots while theirs hordes of zombies coming at you.) There is a lot to do in this game and a ton of side missions to keep you busy, but be warned trying to story and side missions and rescuing survivors is a hard job to do all in one. Overall Gameplay is a lot more fun there is many different ways to have fun with zombies and physco’s and survivors now help you instead of try and kill you. There are also some major decisions to make in the game that affect the story quite a bit. Very big downside to this game is constant load screens and it gets extremely difficult towards to ending, but it’s still great fun.


Now theirs a lot of people saying the graphics have gotten worse and some people even complaining about lighting and shadows of all things, but honestly I feel the graphics are absolutely brilliant, I would have thought with up to thousands of zombies on screen that the graphics would have had to be scrolled down a lot but that’s not the case at all it doesn’t even struggle with the amount on screen, and the nice graphics there is the slight FPS drop but it’s not noticeable unless your looking for it hard.

I give this game an 8/10

  • Fun story
  • Online is great to make money for your single player campaign
  • Amazing graphics with the amount of zombies on it
  • A lot to do
  • Chuck is a very good character
  • Can get emotional

  • Loading screens
  • Get’s very difficult if you’re a low level to start off with
  • Not enough coverage on what happened to Frank West (but it should be explained in Case west)

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