Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First Thoughts : Quantum Theory

I finally got round to playing the demo for this today after i downloaded it 3 days ago. My initial reaction was along the lines of "oooh, unreal tournament" as the graphics are almost identical from everything to the textures of the walls to the oversized shoulders of the main character. From what i can gather of the introduction the game revolves around a tower or to be more precise inside the tower.

 Theres 2 forces the Giltskins who are humanoids in the corrupted by the towers diabolyos's? (sorry if its the wrong spelling im tired and its a stupid word anyway) and are seeking to destroy the tower and the Necromancers who seek to keep the tower alive. you play the role of a Giltskin called Syd who has walked into said living tower, did i mention the tower was alive thus adding and removing cover spots at random, armed with 3 obscenely large guns and a deep voice even batman would be proud of. Our over-masculine hero has no choice but join up with a necromancer called Fillena who is essentially Prince of Persia's Elika with a sword and large guns herself. Like POP Quantum Theory has added a combo combat system which sees Syd and Fillena throwing each other around the room if you actually manage to hit the fast moving enemies the Arc ( im presuming that's the tower) produces to squash you and then manage to time the seconds flash that indicated which button to press next to continue your onslaught.

The basic premise is run through the level, shoot everything and look cool in the process while throwing witty one liners. The aim system is messy and the fast paced combat is forced to slow down by very small health limits  and enemies with seemingly endless health sometimes and this makes for really awkward moments. Other than the typical run and gun game play and hot armoured female with a sword and a big gun this game doesn't appear to have much going for it right until the end of the demo where you find yourself gun to gun with a giant armoured creature which stores laser energy in its arm and owns a gattling gun that would use your beefcake hero's gun as a toothpick. The great thing about the bosses is that they are coated in armour except for one weak spot which is in an obvious but difficult place to actually shoot. After 5 minutes of rolling, dodging and seeing Fillena sit uselessly in the corner shouting apparently helpful comments at you the giant eventually topples.

And ill tell you what, if the game is full of bosses like that then i can put up with the rest of the game being dull, because when that bugger fell. Boy did it feel good !

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