Monday, 27 September 2010

That Monday morning feeling.

As usual the weekend has been slow in the world of gaming, this weekend was more so with the release of the FFXIV online Collectors edition allowing buyers early access into the game meaning most people were busy playing away, Those that were not playing FFXIV were playing Civilisation V and digging further into this ladder those that were not playing CIV V were playing Minecraft.

The lack of major news and trailers is probably due to the onslaught we will be presented with from Eurogamer this week. I will not be attending sadly, but do have a special guest writer who will be keeping me updated with all the events on the first day so all is not lost.

The lack of console for me to play on while I am away Isn't a bad thing for my social life but is a blow to reviews for the blog. There is a Wii but other than party games there is nothing worthy of single player time as I am only here for 2 more days there is no point starting anything major.

Thats all for now but I will be sure to update as soon as anything interesting happens so keep an eye out .

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