Friday, 24 September 2010

The moment we have all been waiting for : Wii Remote +

Finally we have the first news of a combined controller and Motion + to be produced for the Wii. This little gem was discovered by EuroGamer .

Nintendo have been very quiet about the production of this unit. and I wonder what the plans are as to production. Hopefully they will produce the new Wii-mote+ alongside the current Motion+ attachment so as to give users a choice which they want to buy. The new Wii-mote+ will be shipped along with a copy of Fling-smash for £39.99 or ( $49.99) which is due for release in the near future. Unfortunately that is all the info I can give you. so bask in its image and hope that they dont make people buy a whole new controller unit if you want to play using motion+... after all a huge multi-billionaire company wouldn't force customers to spend even more money to use their tech, would they ?

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