Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nintendo Convention 2010 : News and updates.

Mark MacDonald was inside the Nintendo 2010 convention and Tweeted all the news as it happened.
Heres an update for all you non twittered people.

  • The Wiimote+ is real and will be release in Pink, White, Blue and Black.
  • Screens for Metal Gear : Snake Eater and Biohazzard : Liberation were shown.
  • Mii is coming to 3DS with the camera able to photograph your face and then auto build a Mii
  • The new 3DS includes a Web Browser and passive tag mode.
  • Tag mode will light up when you pass a 3DS and recieve data from them.
  • a picture of your Mii can be saved to your SD card.
  • 3DS includes wi-fi  and can connect to Wi-fi when in sleep mode to download updates, games and patchs
  • New 3DS games to include  : Proffesor Layton, Pilotwings Resort , Chocobo Racing, Paper mario , Ridge Racer , Animal Crossing and Zelda.
  • 3DS released Feb 26 in Jpn, Europe and America hasnt recieved a date yet,
  • 3DS will include a virtual console for GB and GBA games to be downloaded and played.
So there we are :) thanks @markmacd .

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