Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Continuity Error?

I have been playing flash games alot recently, mainly due to a lack of console here in sunny Edinburgh but also partly due to the fact i love the simplicity of these games. As it stands i have a weak spot for Puzzle Platformers and my favorite Is a game called Continuity.

Continuity has one basic process grab the Red Key and then get to the Red Door . As simple as it sounds this is made all the more difficult by the fact the player is trapped inside a box. Each box can be moved around the screen when not in movement mode to allow the player to move from box to box and complete his task of escaping the room. In turn this is made more difficult by the fact the edges have to match on the 2 slides you are connecting or the player simply vanishes and you have to start again.

The issue i have with this is that there is no motivation to complete the puzzles  in the form of a story, what it does offer is a challenge and the whole purpose of games are to challenge after all. As expected the levels get more and more challenging until you have levels that make your brain feel like it is going to melt out of your ears.

The simplicity of this game is what makes it brilliant. Great puzzles, Great platforming and a lack of irritating soundtrack i highly recommend this to anyone who has free time and a net connection.
Find it HERE and enjoy !

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Hegi_Starbeam said...

OMG, this game was immense
curses to you for making me stay up till 2 am, when i had work at about 6!

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