Thursday, 7 October 2010

PS3 Corner : Infamous

Infamous takes place in a city named Empire City and you are a delivery man called Cole. One day you get a package and you take it to where it has to be shockingly the package opens and you see blue glowing and next thing you know a gigantic blue electrical explosion hits the city. Cole is then caught in the middle with no idea what’s going on.

You have now taken control of Cole as he awakes from in a crater and notices he isn’t feeling so well , strangely the ground underneath you is normal as if you hadn’t been hit by the blast, while everywhere else buildings and roads are collapsing and the cars are exploding around you.

Upon noticing your surroundings you see someone in a collapsed building and try to get to them. While on your journey to reach the mysterious stranger you notice strange things are happening, your body starts to extract energy from electrical objects but the power is too much to handle. Eventually you absorb so much energy it starts flying from you and killing innocent people.

The city now lies in ruins and you are tasked with the job of either making it better or worse. Your actions in game affect the cities opinion of you and this already biased against you as they think you are responsible for the bomb. This opinion affects peoples reactions which can range from taking photos to forming milita to try and kill you themselves .Because of this bomb it has caused a few other people gaining powers or mutating , these people will become violent towards you. To finish it all off Cole is being blackmailed by the Government to find out who is responsible for the bomb.

As Cole you now have the powers of electricity and you need to absorb electricity to Heal, athough you need to be wary of areas where there is a power cut as this fatigues Cole and makes him weak. As you go on you need to activate parts of the city again, to do this you go down into a linear sewer and perform a number of menial tasks, each transformer you activate will gain you more powers and help you become more powerfull. You also earn XP from killing enemies or doing good/bad deeds, earning Xp means you can upgrade your powers , however some powers can only be given to good players and others to bad players. The powers available are all very balanced whichever way you decide to play the game, and most are very fun .Some powers will see you grinding power cables and poles to provide a faster travel around the city.. As usual in games the enemies start to get repetitive but when you reach the last of the 3 islands it gets harder and more fun. It also comes to a point where if you don’t level up enough it becomes unbelievably hard and you may keep dying a lot, so always have your powers fully charged otherwise you may be in trouble.

The graphics in this game are brilliant,the fact you can change the city by your actions is very good, the city feels alive all the time as you shape its future. The electrical effects are brilliant it really makes you feel the sense of power you have and watching Cole suck the power out of objects is always fun to watch. The sound of the city is brilliant theirs the cars the background, people talking and screaming, shouting and the enemies sound creepy.What I don’t like is the comic style of it I feel that they just cheapened it over with comic pages instead of full blown cut scenes and also the characters voices and faces can get annoying because their both so low quality but the detailed environment makes up for that.

I give this game a 7/10


  • Great environment
  • Really fun sandbox game with a lot of possibilities
  • Story is quite good
  • Levelling up is very rewarding
  • A lot of side missions


  • Some side missions are boring
  • Can get very repetitive
  • Face animation and voices are badly rendered
  • A few bugs and glitches like characters clipping into the environment.

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