Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Nintendo Natter : Newsflash! - Oops! Prank Party

How much would u pay to have a mate dress like a fairy for the day, just cos you beat him at a game of keepy uppy? Or to have your sister crawl and act like a dog for a few hours because she lost at a platforming game?

Well nows your chance Oops! Prank Party is full of fun, challenging (and sometimes, slightly unfair) mini games, and if you lose you are given  a forfeit by the winner, wheather it be a character slowing, in-game costume, or a real life forfeit of, say, only using one hand for the next game.

With over 100 various minigames of varying difficulty, and a complete customisation of avatars, more so than any other game on the Wii, you can have a really realistic version of you dressed in a giant lizard costume when you lose.
And believe me u WILL lose once or twice, because the games that arent challenging, CHEAT. But its not called Oops! Prank Party for nothing. ti game promises to be fun, family orientated, and above all, grudge-creating.

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