Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nintendo Natter : Coming soon, Sled Shred

Who remembers Cool Runnings? The film about the jamaican bob-sled team? Ever since then Bob Sledging has looked fun to me. Although thats probably more because of Cuba Gooding Jr than anything else.

BUT, soon to be released on the Wii, Sled Shred, a motion based sledging game featuring, guess who, the Jamaican Bob Sled Team.

Fight your friends, using a number of Items and Power-Ups to give you an advantage, or stop them in their tracks. And now utilising the Wii's signiature Motion Sensitive Controller, you can feel the turns and...........hang on. This all sounds a bit.......Mario. But! and here's an important point, if it aint broke, dont fix it. By copying Mario Kart, and similar format racing games, Sled Shred ensures it is going to at least be entertaining for parties with friends.

Unfortunately I don't have much information on Sled Shred at the moment, but I will be folowing it closely to see if it will be another generic Mario Kart rip-off, or if it is going to have some original ideas but, until then, even if it IS only Mario Kart-on-snow, it'll still be a feel-good game for young ones and adults alike.

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