Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Nintendo Natter TM4

Right, I know that I have been focusing on Nintendo Wii alot (with a sidebar on the new Mario 25 DSi XL) but today, something has appeared on the horizon to shift my focus onto this most nifty of hand helds. I've always appreciated the DS, with its compact size, inbuilt wireless and, above all, the touch screen technology that makes them unique.

Over the years there have been several games that have showcased this unique aspect of the DS. Drawn to life, Nintendogs and Tim Burtons: Alice in Wonderland: The Game are a dew particularly fine examples in my opinion, but one of the greatest is the Touch Master series. With TM4, you get 20 new games to play, most are variations of "use-the-stylus-on-the-touch-screen-to-move-this-around", but they all seem, if not interesting, then at least entertaining.

But thats not the big selling point for TM4, no, for the first time on a DS, you can use the in-built wireless to connect to the internet and upload your high scores to Facebook and Twitter. you can then folow comment threads that arise from your posted scores and even use some of the sites basic functions (admittedly in a limited capacity). Still this may be the way forward for the DS, its biggest rival, the Sony PSP, also has inbuilt wireless but can be used as a internet browser, and connects to the PS Network. So, if the DS goes fully browser capable, it will be at the fore-front of the handhelds market. I see Touch Master 4 as the starting point dwn this road, so I feel this is a very big step for the DS, and Nintendo in general.

Unfortuately it means Facebook ad twitter are going to be swamped with things like ",'so-and-so' just pushed his snowman further than anyone else he knows" etc. Which may be a bad point.

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