Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday film news: Sherlock Holmes 2 and more

Starfish here! I thought as well as doing reviews of new releases, it would be nice to do a weekly news page of what is happening or rumoured to happen in the world of the silver screen. And as today happens to be a Monday, it seems an appropriate time to start off.

There's quite a few exciting projects in action at the moment, with some of my personal favorite pieces of literature and comic books in the works as adaptations. Right now, we have:

Sherlock Holmes 2: After the phenomenal success of the first of Guy Ritchies reworking, i have been eagerly following the rumour mill around the all-important casting of one of the most important characters, Sherlocks 'arch-nemesis', Professor Moriarty. After the brilliant, if unusual, performance given by Andrew Scott in this years BBC television series I will be hard to impress, but the casting has been released as Jared Harris, a relative unknown besides his current role in Mad Men. On the other hand, the marvellous Stephen Fry shall be playing Mycroft, Sherlocks older brother, with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law returning as Holmes and Watson. The film is due for release December 2011.

The Avengers: Comic-book nerds rejoice! Finally, a half-good chance of a good adaption. Based of course on the titular Marvel heroes, featuring Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and Captain America, among other iconic characters. Not a lot of information as of yet on the plot or release date, but it will be produced by Marvel Studios, and is intended as a cross-over into other films such as the Iron Man franchise. Directed by man-of-the-moment Joss Whedon, and a confirmed cast of Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and an unconfirmed Scarlett Johansson. Filming planned to start Spring 2011.

Superman: I was definitely not a fan of any of the recent Superman re-imaginings, but with the skill and enthusiasm of director Christopher Nolan on board, anything is possible. It has not yet been confirmed whether Nolan will actually be directing, or taking a role as executive producer, neither has any casting been confirmed. The film is being written by David Goyer, and will concern an early Superman first crossing paths with the rogue genius Lex Luthor. I'll keep updating on the details as and when they are released, but its looking at a 2012 release as we stand.

There are plenty other projects in the works that I could talk about, but i'll keep it brief today. My film reviews will be continuing as and when I watch them, next on the hit-list is The Social Network.

Until next Monday, lets finish off with this weeks cinema charts:

1. The Other Guys
2. Eat Pray Love
3. The Town
4. The Hole 3D
5. Devil
6. Toy Story 3
7. Grown Ups
8. Resident Evil: Afterlife
9. Tamara Drewe
10. Marmaduke

Happy Viewing!

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