Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Nintendo Natter : Coming soon, Wii party

The selling point for the Wii was always meant to be the motion-sensitive controllers, but the first game that it came with was Wii Sports, which was not only a great laugh, but encouraged families and mates all over the country to run around their living rooms shouting things like "STRIKE!" and "what a serve!" (and even once my mate shouted "LOOK AT THOSE BALLS!" when playing baseball two player, which led to a multitude of giggles and a rapid decline in the subject of conversation). Then was released Wii Sports Resort, which was created to showcase the new motion+ features, whilst keeping the same fun, family atmosphere of the original. these were followed with Wii Winter Sports (featuring the Wii fit board), and Big Beach Sports.

But now, rather than jusy finding another set of sports to turn into a Wii game, we have Nintendos latest offering Wii Party, which is focused on multiplayer games, trying to get people involved and aims to test out the limits of these wireless, sound-enabled, motion sensitive controls. It seems not only to succed on both goals, but actually be an interesting, fun and above DIFFERENT type of game for the Wii.

There will be quite a lot of games that will have the whole family either hunting for the hidden Wii remote as it makes bingly-bongly noises, or passing the Wii remote around as if it were a live bomb, there is even going to be bingo, so gran is going to be quite happy so long as some one explains how this "funny white stick" controls the people on the telly.

 The list of games includes: Board Game Island, Swap Meet, Balance Boat, Match Up, Hide 'N' Hunt, Spin Off, Buddy Quiz, Globe Trot and Time Bomb.

The asking price is btween 30 and 35 pounds, and this seems more than reasoble to me. Here is one game I will be looking forward to, and will be reviewing as soon as possible. I cant wait to have my mates shouting "DON'T SET IT OFF!" and "where the F&*% is it?!?!" (Although i do see a posible increas in the number of "false alarm" calls the police get about bombs).

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