Monday, 4 October 2010

Coming Soon : Battle Vs Chess

Normally I wouldn't consider covering games I don't think will be popular but i have decided to change that as every game deserves a chance , like every princess deserves to go to the ball but a geekier version.

Battle VS Chess looks...Interesting to say the least. Published by SouthPeak Games and developed by Topware this is an essentially revolutionary take on the ancient game. Alot has been added to the game other then obviously 3d rendered  battleworthy equivalents of the standard Chess pieces , new modes have been introduced such as "Madness Mode" where all the pieces are placed in random position and "Tactics Mode" where the player has the choice where to place the respective pieces for a greater strategical edge over the opponent.

The main addition to the standard game is Battle mode where every move to take an enemy piece by moving into the square they are on becomes a fight to the death including, weapons, combos and even bonus's and as will all fights to the death the winner will take all.

Personally I'm not sure where this game will stand or if it will even get noticed amongst the other games being released this Quarter. I for one will be trying it out in the name of good journalism. Classic Chess with a twist sounds like a good idea but Chess has stayed the same for so long because it is perfect the way it is can this really make chess "cool". We will find out in time.

Release Date : Nov 12 2010 UK , OCT 26 2010 US
Platforms : PS3, X360 , PC ( extending to include Wii, DS and PSP in Q1 2011)
Price:  £39.99 (PS3, X360) £9.99 (PC)
Prices and UK release dates taken from Gamestation UK.

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