Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nintendo Natter : Wii Sports

Who remembers opening their Nintendo Wii and being excited to find it not only came with wireless, motion-sensitive controls, internet capapbility and a customisable avatar system, but came with a GAME included. I ask because I recently played Wii Sports Resort, (with motion + technology), and it got me reminiscing of the first game I played on my Wii, on christmas day.

And what a game it was. Ok so it was only made to show off the 'ooh, look. we have motuion sensor technology in us' remotes. But it became more than that, with two games that could be played multiplayer with only one remote, it swiftly became a family favourite, and a hit at parties. the two games in question were golf and bowling.

The golf game retained all the......dullness......of the actual game, but you didnt have to buy an overly priced set of metal sticks, or leave the comfort of your living room to play and it was simple and easy to play, fast turning into a fun competition. the options to chose out of three set of three holes, or play all nine, and a skill tracker made it more than just 'swing-swing-swing-putt-next hole'. Bowling on the other hand, was fun, fast, and just difficult enough to make people want to keep playing to beat their own scores, whilst using the signiature motion-sensitive controls to allow the players to copntrol ball spin and pace. In essence, both games were real enough to make people want to play them, but without the disadvantage of....say.....spenidng extra money, or leaving the house, or even having to stand up.

Wii Sports also came with three other games. Tennis, Baseball and Boxing (utilising the 'nunchuck' controller. Tennis was challenging and great fun, watching two people jumping around the lounge, apparently trying to swat invisible flies, or else having some sort of seizure, whilst shouting things like "HAH!" or "take that!" amused me so mutch that e're now not allowed to play tennis ont he Wii, as all I do is wet myself laughing, which sets the rest of my family off, which ends in us all laid around the room struggling to breah whilst the Wii makes funny "tong" noises. Baseball is amusing, but best at two player, and you do need SOME basic undersanding of this confusing American sport to fully enjoy the game. Boxing on the Wii is, in my opinion, one of the greatest things to watch someone else do. the sheer amount of energy people put into it, the concentration on their faces, the moving of the legs (as if thats gunna affect the game), it all combines to make watching some one play boxing on the Wii an incredibly entertaining experience.

For me, none of the sequels or spin-offs can beat Wii Sports but I am looking forward to being proved wrong in the future, as word on the wire is that Nintendo are working on a box set containing Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Big Beach Sports Wii Winter Sports, Wii Party and the next Sports game (yet to be announced). I would like to say this is only a rumour, but, if true, i will be looking forward to it.

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